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FAQ - Progiclean common questions
What does it cost to benefit from Progiclean?
  • The installation fee is a one-time payment.
  • User fees in the form of a monthly subscription.
What services are included in the installation fee?

They include start-up maintenance, commissioning costs, setting up your documents, transferring your data (if necessary) and training.

What is included in the monthly Progiclean subscription fee?

Your monthly fee includes access to the Progiclean service, support, your dedicated account manager, as well as maintenance and upgrades to your software.

What is the duration of my commitment?

The Progiclean offer is based on a 3-year commitment with tacit renewal.

I want to break my contract before the end of my contract?

You must specify your request by registered letter 6 months before the desired date of exit.

How is the software set up?

We will assign you a dedicated account manager who will assist you in your implementation. Firstly, he or she will identify your needs and then propose the most suitable offer for your company. Once your deployment plan has been established, our technical teams create your environment and your Progiclean interface. Then your account manager trains your teams to use the software. Finally, you are ready to digitize your daily activities. The implementation time varies on average between 4 and 6 weeks.

How do I access the progiclean software?

Progiclean is a 100% web-based software, in SaaS mode. You can connect from any type of device (computer, tablet, phone) with an Internet connection and a web browser (preferably Chrome). We recommend that you have the latest version of your browser for a good performance of your software.

Is there a customer portal and an employee portal?

Yes, your Progiclean software allows you to benefit from optional customer portals and/or employee portals.

Where is my company's data hosted?

PROGICLEAN is a 100% web-based software. Your data is hosted on remote web servers. We select our servers from service providers based in France. Our servers and access to your PROGICLEAN database are secure.

And if the web server goes down or is hacked, what do you have planned?

We make backups of your database several times a day, which we keep on secondary servers to ensure immediate and rapid restoration of your data in the event of a problem.

And if tomorrow I decide to end the service with PROGICLEAN, what happens to all my data and information?

All your data is backed up every day. At any time, you can retrieve them in full. Your data is your property and will be returned to you in any case.

The employees in my company do not have the same level of responsibility. I would like to be able to control and master "who does what". Is this possible?

Absolutely. There are user profiles with different levels of access. For example, an employee in charge of drawing up quotes and contracts may be excluded from HR information (employees' personal information) and accounting data (invoicing, receipts, etc.).

You have the power to create and define profiles and accesses for each of your employees.

If an employee leaves my company, can I immediately block his access?

Yes, as an administrator, you can block access to PROGICLEAN and all mobility tools with one click.

When you upgrade your software with new features and optimizations, should you pay for the upgrade?

No. The evolutionary maintenance of the PROGICLEAN software is integrated in your subscription. You systematically benefit from each optimization, new functionality and improvement of the tool.

Is PROGICLEAN software interfaced with all accounting software on the market?

Yes. Our PROGICLEAN software allows a standardized export for integration on accounting software (SAGE, CEGID, EBP, ...).

Is PROGICLEAN software interfaced with all payroll software on the market?

Yes. Our PROGICLEAN software allows a standardized export for integration on payroll software.


Both. Indeed, CRM is the acronym for "Customer Relationship Management". CRMs are designed to help you optimize prospecting and sales management. The ERP, Enterprise Resource Planning, allows to optimize the production costs of a company.