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Change management at the heart of the digital transformation of cleaning companies

Change management at the heart of the digital transformation of cleaning companies

Far from the clichés of an archaic sector, cleaning companies are seizing on digital tools to reinvent themselves and meet today's challenges. But this transformation is not going smoothly. How can we support our employees in this new digital era? This is the major challenge facing cleaning companies.

Manual trades facing the digital revolution: a clash of cultures?

Imagine a cleaner used to sweeping and mopping, suddenly confronted with a touch-sensitive tablet. Culture shock can be tough. But it's a necessary evil. Because to survive and thrive in a world undergoing rapid digital transformation, these companies have no choice but to embrace change. It is therefore essential to support them and make them aware of the benefits of digitalization.

ERP: a valuable tool for change management

ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) software is a valuable ally when it comes to managing change. As compasses in the digital storm, they centralize data, streamline processes and automate manual tasks. This saves time, improves efficiency and boosts productivity, which is no mean feat for companies often subject to tight time and budget constraints.

But ERP is only part of the solution. To succeed in its digital transformation, a company must first and foremost involve its employees in the process. This means clear, transparent communication, appropriate training and personalized support.

What if digitalization became a motivational lever?

Far from being a constraint, digitalization can become a real motivator for employees. New digital tools enable them todevelop professionally, acquire new skills and feel more valued. An undeniable asset for attracting and retaining talent in a fiercely competitive sector.

So, when is the digital revolution coming to cleaning companies? The answer is simple: it's already happening! The companies that seize the opportunities offered by digital technology will be the ones to stand out and prosper in the years to come. And if you're not yet on the wagon, it's high time you got on!

Remember: digitalization is not an option, it's a necessity. It's the key to a promising future and to more efficient, more humane and more sustainable businesses.

PRGICLEAN supports change management

To prosper, companies need to adapt by adopting new digital tools. Progiclean, a major player in digital solutions for cleaning companies, offers ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) and mobile applications specifically designed to meet your needs.

These ERP systems optimize the management of contracts, schedules, inventories, communications and customer satisfaction. They also facilitate service tracking, invoicing, collection, customer relations management and regulatory compliance.

PROGICLEAN supports its customers in their digital transformation with a needs analysis, a change management plan, employee training and after-sales follow-up.