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PROGICLEAN x Yousign: Electronic signatures boost the efficiency of service companies

PROGICLEAN x Yousign: Electronic signatures to boost the efficiency of cleaning companies

Simplification, security and compliance: these are the watchwords of the collaboration between PROGICLEAN, business software for cleaning companies, and Yousign, the French leader in electronic signatures. This innovative partnership provides a concrete solution to the problems encountered by cleaning companies. Find out in this article how PROGICLEAN integrates electronic signatures with Yousign.

No more manual signature constraints!

Manual signature of documents, a practice still all too common in cleaning companies, is both tedious and prone to numerous drawbacks. Longer processing times, risks of document loss or falsification, potential regulatory non-compliance... all these factors slow down productivity and threaten data security.

Yousign: Electronic signatures for performance

To meet these challenges, PROGICLEAN and Yousign offer a resolutely modern alternative: the electronic signature. This technology makes it possible to sign documents and have them signed online, securely and in just a few clicks.

The advantages of electronic signatures with Yousign for cleaning companies :

  • Save time and efficiency: speed up signature processes and reduce processing times.
  • Enhanced security: protection of sensitive documents against fraud and falsification.
  • Guaranteed regulatory compliance: Compliance with current regulations on electronic signatures.
  • Improved customer experience: Smoother signature process for greater customer satisfaction.
  • Modern brand image: Adoption of an innovative digital approach and promotion of CSR commitment.

Seamless integration with Progiclean.

SENEF's Progiclean software now includes Yousign's electronic signature functionalities. This integration guarantees a fluid and intuitive user experience, enabling users to sign and have signed all types of documents in just a few clicks:

  • Customer quotations
  • Order forms
  • Employment contracts and amendments
  • Invoices
  • Intervention report
  • ... and so much more!

PROGICLEAN integrates electronic signature via Yousign

PROGICLEAN and Yousign support cleaning companies in the implementation and use of electronic signatures. Our teams of experts are on hand to advise and train you, so you can make the most of this innovative solution.

Contact us to find out how PROGICLEAN and Yousign can help you transform your document management and boost your business.