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Price list: price of a cleaning management software

How much does cleaning software cost?

To better manage their activities, cleaning companies are increasingly using management software. They are essential tools that make it possible to centralize all the activities necessary for the proper functioning of the company. They are also sometimes referred to as ERP (Enterprise resource planning). For example, they can be used to manage invoicing, customer relations, and coordinate work according to a specific schedule. Some are available for free and others are more comprehensive for a fee. And precisely, you will be able to find in this article the cost of a software for cleaning and cleaning companies.

How to choose management software for industrial cleaning?

To choose the right cleaning management software for your needs, you need to take into account several elements that are also important factors in the cost of cleaning business software. Quality has a price and it's more about identifying the quality/price ratio in the choice of your management tool.

Synchronization of information

As a general rule, good software should allow you to synchronize real-time data about the services performed during an assignment in order to avoid reporting errors. In addition, with a simple mobile app, team leaders can quickly gather all the information about the sites. If this application is integrated with your management software (optional or included), this is an additional benefit offered by your software vendor.

Handling and ergonomics

In addition, an important element concerns its handling. Cleaning management software must be simple to use in order to facilitate interaction between cleaners, team leaders and administrative agents. Its ergonomics should make it easier to understand the screens and easily find the information or features you are looking for. In addition, from the extranet (customer portal), it must also be easy for customers to handle.

Server & Software Availability

We don't always think about it, but your SaaS software must be able to support the activities that generate heavy processing and therefore a high occupancy of the servers where your software and data are hosted.

Good value for money

Finally, the last determining factor is its price. While there are free cleaning business management software, there aren't many of them and they only offer limited features. Among those who pay for it, the criteria mentioned above must be checked before signing the subscription contract.

Cost of cleaning company software: the right value for money

Free or paid planning software, which one to choose?

By searching the web, you will be able to find a multitude of management software for cleaning companies. Some of them are free, but if you take a closer look, you'll notice that they're paid if you want must-have features specific to your business. However, you may be tempted by free software for economic reasons. However, be aware that they are not very efficient and being free, the safety as well as the treatments are not guaranteed.

The best way to have a complete management software is to pay. You will be able to be sure that you have a complete software in terms of features and above all that you are using a software that is safe in terms of security, data processing, etc. This is a significant asset when it comes to choosing. In addition, paid software is most often ergonomic, which means that it is simple to use and easy to use.

How to choose the best ERP for cleaning companies?

While there are several management software for cleaning companies on the market, they each have their own features. To make your choice, don't hesitate to ask for a demo to discover the software "live" and get to know the team of the software publisher.

You can also collect the opinion of other customers who have already used this kind of software directly on the web or on dedicated forums.

Cost of Cleaning Business Software: Looking Ahead

Your company needs management software today to better manage the business and steer the company, but tomorrow? This type of digital tool must be able to evolve and integrate innovations in the IT and sector fields as they progress. It is indeed important to keep your competitive edge that you can take advantage of new tools to better communicate with your teams, better exploit the opportunities in your market, etc. It is also important that your software publisher can quickly translate or adapt the computer processing of data during regulatory or legal changes in the profession.

You can get an idea of your publisher's technological follow-up and R&D by following his news and the features now available in the modules of his software (or software):

Quality control cleaning on a tablet

Quality control software is not only beneficial for cleaning companies, it is also beneficial for customers. It allows them to check that the cleaning tasks listed in the schedule have all been completed. It is not uncommon for cleaners to mark jobs that they have not completed in their job card. In addition, it is an excellent way for cleaning companies to collect customer data. 

The SENEF group has chosen to offer its Qualimobi application on tablets to meet a specific quality control requirement: mobility. This support allows managers and agents to easily monitor construction sites at the site of intervention or during meetings with the customer.

The customer portal on smartphones

Easier to consult than a web portal, the Senef Group's smartphone customer portal allows customers to follow services and exchange anywhere, in any circumstance and at any time.

The SENEF group has chosen to offer you its customer portal on mobile because we all have it with us at all times. The choice of application also allows for greater availability of the service and a faster display of pages and digital processing.

In conclusion, the cost of your management software depends on your needs, the level of quality you are looking for and the possibilities of scaling the solution you are looking for.

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