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Progiclean, powerful software to manage your business

Manage your cleaning company with a powerful software

To help you manage your cleaning business, choose our high-performance software. This management software brings together all the functions required for the complete day-to-day management of a cleaning company, whether industrial or private. It has been designed to provide a reliable, scalable solution for cleaning companies wishing to grow by optimizing their data and saving time on non-value-added tasks.

Managing your cleaning company from quotation to invoicing

Easy invoicing with a powerful software

For fast, efficient quotations, this management software offers innovative features. You'll be able to send your customers and prospects a quote in just a few clicks. In this way, this software for cleaning companies is useful for responding quickly to all requests from prospects concerning a service quotation: service catalog, travel times, specifications, recurring assignments, etc. For industrial or private cleaning, parameters can be modified according to the type of customer requesting a quote.

In addition, the management software also automates the recurring or occasional invoices and the reminder of unpaid invoices to facilitate your management.

A clear dashboard and all the necessary functionalities for the management of your activities

This high-performance ERP software makes it easy to manage all cleaning company activities. All useful and important data concerning the management of your cleaning company can be found in a single place: the dashboard. At a glance, every user can get an overview of your business. You can use pre-configured widgets or create your own.

Ensure permanent monitoring and quality control

Manage the customer satisfaction of your cleaning company

To make quality controls transparent, a space dedicated to quality monitoring has already been set up in this high-performance management software. This allows you to constantly monitor customer satisfaction and to react quickly in case ofdetected anomalies. You receive these reports directly on your cleaning company software or your mobile application.

Facilitate human resource management and monitoring of the tour plan

The software also integrates all the functionalities necessary for the management of human resources in a maintenance company. These features allow you to manage the employment contract of each cleaner, absences, pay slips and more. With our management software, you can also quickly and efficiently organise the planning of your agents and the management of their rounds in a single tool.

Whether it's customer invoices, accounting, activity planning or employee schedules, this software is designed to optimize all aspects of your company's management. In short, this powerful software is efficient to make your company progress and live a new experience in the world of cleaning.

An application to facilitate household management

This management software is linked with mobile applications. To ensure the performance of this software, some additional features are available in its mobile applications.

For employees, a mobile application is linked to the software to facilitate the monitoring of their activities. It also facilitates communication between you and your employees. The information is fed into the management software in real time. You therefore have a precise view of the progress of the missions.

To allow the inspectors of the cleaning companies to make a quality follow-up, an application is dedicated especially to allow a follow-up of intervention in real time. It can thus be carried out according to your own reference frame and the requirements of your customers.

This efficient software also allows cleaning companies to respond quickly to customer requests with its mobile application.

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